Silent Diesel Generator Set Engine Power By Yangdong

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Silent Diesel Generator Set Engine Power By Yangdong

silent diesel generator setYangdong Silent Diesel Generator

Standard Configuration  

Engine: YANGDONG, including air filters, fuel filters, oil filter, starting motor and charging alternator, etc

Alternator: ZOZHI brushless AC alternator

Radiator: 50℃, fan protective shroud

Base frame: ≤550KW: base mounted fuel tank, anti-vibration pads, battery holder

                  >550KW: channel steel base frame, anti-vibration pads, battery holder

Circuit Breaker ≤ 1250A  Molded case circuit breaker(MCCB)

Control System: DEEP SEA 6020

Start Battery: Dry charged battery, available for 6 times starts under standard condition; connection cables.

Installation Accessories: Bellow, Elbow and flange, Exhaust silencer, etc.

Tool: ZOZHI standard

Documents: Electric drawing, operation & maintenance manual, certification, etc


Silent Diesel Generator Set 50HZ Model List

Genset Model Standby Power Prime Power Engine Model NO.of Cylinder
YN10YD 10kVA 9kVA YD380D 3
YN11YD 11kVA 10kVA YD385D 3
YN14YD 14kVA 13kVA YD480D 4
YN15YD 15kVA 14kVA YD4KD 4
YN17YD 17kVA 15kVA YND485D 4
YN21YD 21kVA 19kVA YND490D 4
YN22YD 22kVA 20kVA YSD490D 4
YN25YD 25kVA 23kVA Y490PD 4
YN28YD 28kVA 25kVA Y495D 4
YN30YD 30kVA 28kVA Y4100D 4
YN33YD 33kVA 30kVA Y4102D 4
YN40YD 40kVA 36kVA Y4105D 4
YN41YD 41kVA 38kVA Y4102ZD 4
YN50YD 50kVA 45kVA Y4102ZLD 4
YN55YD 55kVA 50kVA Y4105ZLD 4
YN66YD 60kVA 60kVA YD4EZLD 4


Silent Diesel Generator Set 60HZ Model List

Genset Model Standby Power Prime Power Engine Model NO.of Cylinder
YN12YD 12kVA 11kVA YD380D 3
YN14YD 14kVA 13kVA YD385D 3
YN17YD 17kVA 15kVA YD480D 4
YN21YD 21kVA 19kVA YD4KD 4
YN22YD 22kVA 20kVA YND485D 4
YN25YD 25kVA 23kVA YND490D 4
YN26YD 26kVA 24kVA YSD490D 4
YN30YD 30kVA 28kVA Y490PD 4
YN33YD 33kVA 30kVA Y495D 4
YN34YD 34kVA 31kVA Y4100D 4
YN41YD 41kVA 38kVA Y4102D 4
YN47YD 47kVA 43kVA Y4105D 4
YN50YD 50kVA 45kVA Y4102ZD 4
YN55YD 55kVA 50kVA Y4102ZLD 4
YN62YD 62kVA 56kVA Y4105ZLD 4
YN77YD 77kVA 70kVA YD4EZLD 4


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