ESD5120 Electronic Speed Control Generator Governor

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Serial Number ESD5120
Country of Origin Fujian China
Certificate ISO, CE
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ESD5120 Electronic Speed Control Generator Governor


ESD5120 Electronic Speed Control Description

ESC5120 generator governor is a fully electronic closed-loop control design. It controls the engine speed with a fast and accurate response to instantaneous load changes. When connected to the matching electronic actuator and magnetic speed sensor signal, Controls a wide variety of engines. It is designed for high reliability and can withstand various electromagnetic interference in the surrounding area of the engine. In design, it is simple to install and pre-adjustable, including adjustable speed and working idle speed, to assist the input of multiple machines or special purpose machines, and to prevent reverse battery voltage, instantaneous pulse voltage, and short circuit of the actuator Failure and safety protection in case of loss of speed sensor signal or power.

The ESD5120 electronic governor is rugged and can be placed in a control cabinet or engine mounting box together with other special control equipment. If water, mist or condensate may come in contact with the controller, it should be installed fixedly. This will allow fluid to drain from the speed control unit.

Product Name Electric Governor ESD5120 For Generator   
Working Voltage 12Vdc 24Vdc
Output Current  50mA
Speed Sensor Signal 0.5-120V RMS
Temperature Range -40~85C
Relative Humidity <95%
Speed Range 1K-7.5K HZ
Speed Trim Range +/-200 HZ


ESD5120 Electronic Speed Control performance and characteristics:

1.  Design of fully electronic closed-loop control;
2.  Simple installation and pre-adjustment;
3.  adjustable speed and working idle speed, in order to assist the input for multiple machines or special purpose machines;
4.  Short-circuit failure of the actuator and safety protection in case of loss of speed sensor signal or power supply;
5.  PID (proportional, integral, and differential) controllers that can be used in stand-alone and parallel operation;
6.  With idle speed and adjustable steady-state speed regulation;
7.  Long-closed type can replace Cummins long-closed controller;


ESD5120 Electronic Speed Control Specifications: 
Speed ​​stability: better than ± 0.25%
Speed ​​range: 1KHz ~ 7.5KHz
Thermal stability: up to ± 1%
DROOP adjustment: The minimum position is 15Hz ± 6Hz / load current change per amp
The maximum position is 400Hz ± 75Hz / current change per amp load
External speed adjustment: ± 200Hz (external 1KΩ)
AUX input sensitivity: 148Hz / 1V., ± 10Hz., Impedance 1MΩ
IDLE adjustment: 160 ± 20Hz ~ 95% of rated speed
10V output current: maximum 20mA

ESD5120 Electronic Speed Control Surroundings: 
Operating temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Operating humidity range: up to 95%
Storage temperature: -55 ℃ ~ 90 ℃
Vibration: 20-100HZ 500mm / Sec.
Input power:
Power supply voltage: 12V and 24V DC battery system
Ground polarity: negative
Power consumption: 50mA
Continuous current of the actuator: minimum 2.5A; maximum 10A
Speed ​​sensor signal: 0.5 ~ 120 RMS
Note: The above performance parameters are measured at the operating frequency of 4000Hz





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