DSE5110 AMF Auto Genset Panel Generator Controller

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Serial Number DSE5110
Country of Origin Fujian China
Certificate ISO, CE
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Price Quote 52-68
Minimum Order 1pcs
Average Delivery Time 30days
Payment Method TT, western union
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Ability to Supply 20000pcs per month

DSE5110 AMF Auto Genset Panel Generator Controller


DSE5110 generator controller Description

DSE5110 self-starting module, microprocessor control with LCD display, multi-function engine, automatic starting module, with many different types of fault shutdown protection functions and status display composed of LEDs. It is used to start and stop diesel and natural gas engines with or without ESC, providing more advanced engine monitoring and protection functions. It has the ability to monitor insufficient speed, over speed, inflated failure, emergency stop, low oil pressure, high engine temperature, unable to start, unable to stop, and loss of speed-sensing signal. Model 5110 is an automatic engine control module. This module is used to automatically start and stop the engine, and indicates the operating status and fault conditions through the front panel LCD display and flashing LED.

The module can monitor low speed, over speed, charging failure, emergency stop, low oil pressure, high engine temperature, start failure, stop failure, sensor lost speed alarm. Generator controller faults are displayed on the LCD display and indicated by LEDs on the front panel

Power supply DC 8-35V
Consumption current 320mA 12V, 215mA 24V
Current input range AC15-333V, 50hz or 60hz system
Internal programmable control output active DC, maximum 2.4A
Output controlled by valve and motor Active DC, max. 3.4A
Transformer secondary current 5A, 0.5VA
Operating temperature range -20 ℃ -70 ℃
Size 38 * 18 * 7 1KG


DSE 5110 generator controller main feature:
First, the biggest feature is that the various parameters of the generator are displayed in real-time by the graphic LCD: three-phase voltage, three-phase current, unit frequency, cooling water temperature, oil pressure, engine speed, battery voltage, cumulative operating time, and failure reasons. 
Second. Various protection conditions for equipment: generator over speed / under speed, low oil pressure, high water temperature, startup failure, emergency stop, lost speed signal, charging failure.
Third, you can set the start time, a number of times, remote start, automatically record parking faults and query, as well as the system password lock function.
Four. It can be connected with the PC computer through the P810 communication interface and set parameters quickly.


DSE 5110 generator controller parameters:
DSE 5110 controller Display parameters:
Generator phase voltage L1-N, L2-N, L3-N;
Generator line voltage L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1;
Generator current L1, L2, L3;
Generator frequency Hz;
Generator speed RPM;
Engine oil pressure (PSI & Bar);
Engine water temperature (℃ & ° F);
Battery voltage
Unit operating time;
DSE5110 controller Alarm / stop protection:
Under speed / over speed, alarm / stop;
Battery charge failed, alarm;
Emergency shutdown
Low oil pressure, alarm/stop;
High water temperature, alarm/stop;
Failure to start, alarm;
Speed signal is lost, stop.


DSE 5110 generator controller Advantages
• Built-in engine diagnostics eliminates the need for maintenance equipment
• Free Licensed PC Software
• Modules help improve engine starter motor life
• Field module configuration
• User-friendly settings and button layout




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