DSE710 AMF Auto Genset Panel Generator Controller

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Serial Number DSE710
Country of Origin Fujian China
Certificate ISO, CE
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DSE710 AMF Auto Genset Panel Generator Controller


DSE710 Description

The DSE710 module is specially designed for the control of generator sets. It automatically controls the start and stops of generator sets. It has a series of advanced generator monitoring and protection functions. Generator run time and battery voltage. DSE710 can also display the generator running speed. When the module detects a fault, it can automatically retreat the motor and indicate the exact fault location through the LCD display or LED light. This module can be set with a personal computer through the panel or DSE810 interface, and the computer can also perform process control from a distance of 100 meters.

The module is designed to monitor generator frequency, generator voltage, generator current, oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, engine runtime, and battery voltage.

The module also displays the engine speed. When the module detects a fault condition, it will automatically shut down the engine and indicate the exact fault on the module's LCD screen or related LED indicators. The module can be configured using the front panel or through a DSE810 interface and a PC. The module can also be controlled from a PC located up to 100 meters.



Power supply


Consumption current

180mA 12V, 190mA 24V

Current input range

AC20-300V, 50hz or 60hz system

Internal programmable control output

Active DC, Maximum 3.4A

Output controlled by valve and motor

Active DC, max. 3.4A


secondary current 5A, 0.5VA

Operating temperature range

-20 ℃ -70 ℃


22.5 * 13.2 * 3.2




DSE710 Main features • Computer configuration

Digitization, USD port connected to a computer, real-time monitoring
1.Microcomputer control, manual parameter setting on site
2. Mains monitoring and automatic start-up of the standby unit in case of failure
3. Real-time display of unit operation status and parameters
4.Huahua alarm and status graphic identification, quick display information
5.LED and LCD alarm indication
6. Internal programmable high current output, suitable for many models
7. Connect with PC for remote monitoring and parameter setting
8.Configurable input switch function definition

DSE710 Advantages 

Use PC software for field module configuration and remote configuration (up to 100 meters)
• User-friendly settings and button layout
• Simultaneous monitoring of multiple engine parameters
• Free licensed computer software


DSE710 Product control functions:

1. Automatic mains monitoring
2. Emergency stop control
3. Automatic crank control
4. Local manual start/stop
5. Remote automatic start / stop
6. Start motor automatically exit control
7. Warm-up control in multiple modes
8. Stop power supply control
9. Dual power switch switching control
10 start delay control

DSE710 Product protection function:

1. Low oil pressure protection
2. Charger fails to charge
3. Emergency shutdown of generator set
4.Generator public alarm
5. Generator over-voltage, long-term pressure, overload protection, high cooling water temperature protection
6. Engine over-frequency and low-frequency protection
7. Engine shutdown/start failure




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