DSE6120 AMF Auto Genset Generator Controller

Product Details
Serial Number DSE6120
Country of Origin Fujian China
Certificate ISO, CE
Payment & Shipping Terms
Price Quote 115-135
Minimum Order 1pcs
Average Delivery Time 30days
Payment Method TT, western union
Package Details Carton
Ability to Supply 20000pcs per month

DSE6120 AMF Auto Genset Generator Controller


DSE6120 Description

DSE6120 generator controller is available in electronic (CAN) and non-electronic (electromagnetic sensor / AC induction) engine versions, and provides a variety of flexible input, output, and engine protection functions, so the system can be easily adapted to a variety of applications demand.

The 6120 DSE Conrollroller can be easily configured using the DSE Configuration Suite PC software.

It has the function of an automatic utility (utility) fault control module that monitors incoming utility (utility) power and instructs the generator set to start when utility (utility) is unavailable.

Generator ATS Controller Auto Start Control Module DSE6120
Control Function Protection Function Data display Protection Function Data display
Emergency Stop Low-Lub oil pressure Speed
Manual Start/stop Charge Failure Voltage of battery
Distance Start/Stop The high temperature of cooling water Lub Oil pressure
Preheat Control Emergency STOP Operation time
Stop/idle control High Speed/Start and stop failure Voltage/Current


DSE6120 Feature

• The backlit text LCD display
• front panel editing
• LED and LCD alarm indication
• Power saving mode
• CAN and electromagnetic sensors / spare. Available versions (specified when ordering)
• PC and front panel configuration
• 6 digital inputs
• 3 analog inputs
• 6 outputs (4 can be configured on the electromagnetic sensor / Alt., 6 can be configured on the CAN version)
• Configurable timers and alarms
• Alternative configuration
• Event Log (10)
• Remote start input
• Three-phase generator monitoring
• Current monitoring and protection
• Three-phase mains (equipment) monitoring (DSE6120 only)
• Test button (DSE6120 only)
• Battery voltage monitoring
• Engine warm-up
• Hour counter
• Complete shutdown or warning in case of failure

DSE6120 Advantage

• Automatically switch between utility (utility) and generator power (DSE6120 only)
• Hour counter provides accurate information during monitoring and maintenance
• User-friendly settings and button layout
• Simultaneous monitoring of multiple engine parameters
• The module can be configured to suit individual applications
• Compatible with multiple CAN engines
• Tier 4 engine support
• Simplified configuration using DSE Finance Suite PC software
• IP65 rating (with optional gasket) for enhanced water resistance
• License-free PC software

DEEP SEA DSE6120 Specification

Items Contents
Operating Voltage DC8.0V to DC35.0V, Continuous Power Supply.
Power Consumption <3W(standby:≤2W)
Alternator Input Range
3-Phase4-Wire 15V - 360 V AC (ph-N) 
3-Phase3-Wire 26V - 620 V AC (ph-ph)
Single-phase2-wire 15V - 360 V AC (ph-N)
2-Phase3-Wire: 15V - 360 V AC (ph-N)
Alternator Frequency 50/60Hz
Speed Sensor voltage VPP 2.2 - 100Vpp (Peak to peak)
Speed Sensor Frequency  10000Hz (max)
Start Relay Output 16Amp Controller Power Voltage Output
Fuel Relay Output 16Amp Controller Power Voltage Output
Programmable Relay Output 1 7Amp  250VAC Voltage Free Output
Programmable Relay Output 2 7Amp  250VAC Voltage Free Output
Programmable Relay Output 3 16Amp  250VAC Voltage Free Output
Programmable Relay Output 4 16Amp  250VAC Voltage Free Output
Case Dimension 210mm x 152 mm x 48 mm
Panel Cutout 186mm x 141mm
C.T. Secondary 5A Rated
Working Conditions Temperature: (-25~+70)℃      Humidity:(20~90)%
Storage Condition Temperature::(-40~+85)℃
Protection Level IP55: When a waterproof rubber seal installed between the controller and panel fascia.
IP42: When a waterproof rubber seal is not installed between the controller and the panel fascia.
Insulating Intensity Object: input/output/power
Quote standard: IEC688-1992
Test way: AC1.5kV/1min leakage current:3mA
Weight 0.68kg



DSE 6120



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