Hollow Shaft Electric Motor HS series Asynchronous Motor

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Serial Number HS Series
Country of Origin Fujian China
Certificate ISO, CE
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Package Details 6pcs cartons in one big cartons
Ability to Supply 60000pcs per month

Hollow Shaft Electric Motor HS series Asynchronous Motor

Hollow shaft electric motor

Hollow Shaft Electric Motor Description

Hs series hollow shaft electric motor is a high-quality motor with new material and empty metal tube design, which greatly optimizes the mechanical design, saves design space and production cost. Hollow shaft electric motor has a wide range of applications. Like a water pump, ventilation equipment, supercharger equipment, small hydro-generator, propeller, etc., and has the following advantages: reduce volume, weight, noise, multi-purpose, reduce cost, simple manufacturing, easy to use.

1. high efficiency, high power, low current

2. low-temperature rise, low noise, good heat dissipation
3. using high-quality magnetic materials

4. high-quality bearings, rigorous process, innovative design
5. professional equipment tailored, shaft extension through high-frequency quenching treatment, greatly improves the mechanical strength, seamless connection with equipment to achieve worry-free operation.



Type: asynchronous



Power:0.37-2.2KW ,0.25-3.7KW,0.37-22KW,0.25-18.5KW,0.25-11KW

Heating technology: electric

Rotational speed :Max:3000rpm;Min:1000rpm

Other characteristics: 6-pole,4-pole, 2-pole,IP54,self-ventilated,for pumps,for agribusiness,for washdown applications,for offshore application,hollow-shaft


Hollow Shaft Electric Motor Application

Hs series asynchronous electric motor widely used in pumps, ventilation equipment, supercharger equipment, small hydroelectric generators, etc., ideal for pressure washers and washing equipment


Hollow Shaft Electric Motor Data

hollow shaft electric motor

Hollow Shaft Electric Motor Troubleshooting:

1. After the motor is turned on, the motor cannot start, but there is a click?
  The power supply is not fully turned on to single-phase start; overload; wiring error or disconnection, short circuit
2. the motor is difficult to start, after the rated load, the speed is lower?
The power supply voltage is low; the corner connection is incorrectly connected to the star connection; the cage end of the rotor is unwelded, loose or broken
3. after the motor starts, the heat exceeds the temperature rise or smoke
The power supply voltage is too low, the ventilation is poor or the ambient humidity is too high; the overload; the start-up is frequent or the number of positive and negative reversals is too high.
4. low insulation resistance
Damp or dripping into the motor; dust and oil on the windings; insulation aging.
5. the motor casing is charged
The end of the winding touches the casing; there is no reliable grounding
6. the sound is not normal when the motor is running
Stator winding connection error; lack of lubricating oil
7.motor vibration
Uneven foundation, fan, rotor, pulley or coupling unbalanced; shaft bend or pulley eccentric

Hollow Shaft Electric Motor Daily Maintenance:

1. Do a good job of regular inspection and maintenance. In the annual overhaul, the motor is dismantled and maintained, the bearing is cleaned or replaced, the insulation is inspected, the cooling system is perfected, and the motor is in good condition;

2. The integrated management in the operation is strengthened. In the process of using the motor, the liability system is strictly implemented. The maintenance personnel will regularly check the inspections every time, observe and monitor the motor, and find out the problems in time to ensure the quality of maintenance.

3. When repairing the hollow shaft electric motor, it is necessary to ensure that various parameters meet the technical requirements of the motor, strictly control the quality of the replaced parts and the enameled wire, correctly operate the various processes, prevent human-induced residual accidents, and improve the quality of the motor after repair;

4. Ensure control The system is running fine. For each electrical component in the second line of the control motor, it is necessary to check and maintain it regularly to ensure that it is intact. The overcurrent short circuit protection device should be regularly checked to ensure reliable and sensitive operation so that the motor is always in good running state.


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