Diesel fuel-efficient compact door


Diesel fuel-efficient compact door

Diesel purification: The diesel we buy on the market usually contains a variety of minerals and impurities. If it is not precipitated, filtered and purified, it will affect the work of the plunger and injector, resulting in uneven fuel supply and poor atomization. Reduces engine power and increases fuel consumption. Therefore, it is recommended to let the diesel oil stand for a period of time to allow impurities to settle. It is best to filter the funnel with a filter when refueling. More noteworthy is to regularly clean or replace the diesel filter to achieve the purpose of purifying diesel.

Remove carbon deposits: During the operation of the diesel engine, polymers are attached to the valves, valve seats, fuel injectors, turbochargers, intercoolers and the top of the piston. These carbon deposits will increase fuel consumption, so regular inspection and maintenance of diesel generator sets should be carried out to remove carbon deposits on a regular basis. In normal 6000 hours, the gas distribution mechanism should be disassembled for inspection and maintenance.

Keep water temperature: The cooling water temperature of the diesel engine is too low, which will cause incomplete combustion of the diesel, affect the performance of the power, and waste fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to properly use insulation curtains. Note that soft water that does not contain minerals is best used for cooling water, such as flowing river water or pure still water.
Do not overload: Diesel engines emit black smoke when they are overloaded, which is fuel emissions that are not fully burned. As long as the diesel engine often emits black smoke, it will increase the fuel consumption of the diesel generator set and shorten the service life of the diesel engine components.

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