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Can stubborn oil be cleaned with a high-pressure steam cleaner with hollow shaft electric motor

Can stubborn oil be cleaned with a high-pressure steam cleaner? If the oil is particularly stubborn and the general high-pressure cleaner with a hollow shaft electric motor does not clean well, don't worry, we also have a hot water pressure washer with hollow shaft motor, which is made of special materials. , heat resistance is very good. It can spray high-temperature hot water. There is a heating boiler inside. The water temperature is heated by the boiler to produce high-temperature and high-pressure water jet. The hot water has oil and melt, so it has special effects on cleaning various equipment and stubborn oil in the pipeline.

hollow shaft electric motor
Why is there no pollution in using a high-pressure cleaner? The main medium of the high-pressure cleaner is only water. Its working principle is that when the impact of the sprayed water is greater than the adhesion of the dirt and the surface of the object, the dirt is separated from the surface of the object and carried away by the water flow to achieve the purpose of cleaning. There is no chemical additive in the whole process, only water, so the high-pressure cleaner is non-polluting.

When the pressure washer encounters the following conditions, it needs an emergency stop: 1. There is vibration or abnormal sound; 2. Excessive pressure exceeds the equipment; 3. The pressure gauge and liquid level indicator are not normal; 4. The water leakage is serious. Can not block when; 5, the operation failure does not work. If you encounter these conditions, you can't solve it. Don't worry, press the “emergency stop” button quickly, unplug the power supply, and check it slowly. If you can't solve it, get in touch with the Claisen high-pressure cleaner manufacturer.

hollow shaft electric motor

The high-pressure cleaning machine brings economic benefits to the sugar industry. The application of high-pressure cleaners in the sugar factory is more and more extensive. It is an indispensable work process for the cane industry. It takes about 90 cans to clean the entire season. The traditional method of washing cans requires about 200kg of alkali each time, that is, a season is almost 20,000 KG, and the cost of the photo base is hundreds of thousands. Not only that but also a lot of labor costs, now artificial The rising wages are also a small expenditure. If you use a high-pressure cleaner to clean, the cost is much lower. Because no cleaning agent is added, the cleaning water can be recycled after being filtered, from manpower, resources, etc. In view of this, the cost is greatly saved, and the cost can be recovered in one season.

With the continuous development of the industry, the environmental requirements are getting higher and higher, the use of high-pressure cleaners with hollow shaft electric motor continues to expand, especially in the field of industrial cleaning, has become the preferred equipment for industrial cleaning, and is widely promoted and used.

hollow shaft electric motor

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