Generator Controller

Generator Controller

The controller is the brain part of the generator set. It not only provides the engine startup, shutdown, data measurement, data display,and fault protection functions but also provides the generator's power measurement, display,and protection functions.

How to choose a suitable Generator Controller

1.generator controller
DSE501K DSE701 DSE702 DSE704 DSE3110
DSE4520 DSE4620       
(Suitable for low cost small generators)
2.More features generator set controller:
DSE5110 DSE5220 DSE6020 DSE6120 DSE7210
DSE7220 DSE7310 DSE7320 MRS-10 MRS-16
AMF-20 AMF-25      
3. More language generator controllers:
DSE6120 DSE7210 DSE7220 DSE7310 DSE7320
MRS-10 MRS-16 AMF-20 AMF-25  
4. AMF controller module:
DSE704 DSE720 DSE5220 DSE6120 DSE7220
DSE7320 AMF20 AMF25    
(Auto Power Failure Generator Control Module)
5. Synchronization and load sharing controller:
6. Canbus ECU communication generator control panel:
DSE7210 DSE7220 DSE7310 DSE7320 DSE3110 ECU
DSE4520 DSE7320 MKII      

generator controller

Generator Controller

1. The performance of the alarm function depends on the performance of the alarm probe. The user should select an alarm probe according to the actual needs of the alarm.
2. The number of cable cores for electric doors should not be less than 8 wires (there are 7 wires in the past, the wiring is not very reasonable), and the door cable should not contain connectors
3. Delay automatic stop function can be set according to the door travel of the user. It is set to about 145 seconds at the factory.
4. When the controller fails, it should be repaired by professionals or contact the supplier and the manufacturer for repair.
5. The controller should be kept clean and protected from water or other harmful substances. Organic solvents are strictly forbidden for cleaning the cabinet.


Generator Controller

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