Open Diesel Generator Set

Open Diesel Generator Set

Open diesel generator set is mainly composed of diesel engine, generator and control system.

The open-type diesel generator chassis adopts steel plate bending or slot beam welding to form a frame structure, with high strength and good rigidity; diesel generator sets below 500KW with a base tank to meet the rated load operation for 8 hours; diesel generator sets above 500KW with independent fuel tanks to meet 8 hours rated load operation.

Open Diesel Generator Set

alternator:ZOZHI brushless AC alternator 230/400V 50HZ/60HZ

Engine:Cummins / Perkins 

               including air filters, fuel filters, oil filter, starting motor and charging alternator, etc

Control System: Heat exchanger + water cooling tower + External water circulation pumping system


Powered by CUMMINS :   

50hz 1500rpm  28kva/22kw ~1650kva/1320kva

60hz 1800rpm  30kva/24kw ~ 1719kva/1375kw


Powered by PERKINS:       

50hz 1500rpm  10kva/8kw ~2200kva/1760kw

60hz 1800rpm  12kva/10kw ~756kva/605kw 

open diesel generator set

The open diesel generator set is widely used in office, hospital, factory, municipal administration, power plant, university, recreational vehicles, yachts, home power, industrial, railway, generating equipment and so on It is welcomed by most customers.

It has a compact structure, low fuel consumption, high reliability, long continuous operation time and easy maintenance. It has an electrical or mechanical speed regulator and has a sensitive speed adjustment function. The Global Service Network provides reliable and guaranteed services.

The open diesel generator set can be equipped with the large-capacity auxiliary (external) tank with an automatic refueling system.

Our ONE global quality standards ensure that every YANAN generator set is designed and manufactured to the highest Chinese standards. We use world-class production processes in all manufacturing plants, each process is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, so we provide quality products every time.

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